Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo is Japan’s national sport and Japanese style of wrestling and originated in ancient times as a performance to entertainment for Shinto deities. It is most popular and oldest sports and many fundamentals of the Japanese culture and traditions are immersed, such as the ring purification with salt and only men can practice.

Several years requires to become a Sumo with very strict training at a Heya ( Japanese word) and in English it is called stable , where the Sumo eat, sleep and train in the same stable throughout his career.

There are two person who wear only Mawashi in English called loin cloth face each other in circular ring and push, tackle, and throw each other and if the first person exit from ring or touch the ground they lost the game and a match usually finished in a few seconds, but in rare case last in minutes and there is no weight restrictions. Very few sumo stables allow people to come and see the morning practice with strict rules.


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