Shibazakura Fuji Festival

Shibazakura Fuji Festival

Shibazakura Fuji Festival, is one of the best and most popular spring flowers in Japan called shibazakura (pink moss or phlox moss in English) which grow in vibrant pink, red and white covering the ground like grass. There are several great spots to enjoy Shibazakura in Japan but famous in Lake Motosuko in the Fuji Five Lakes in Mt Fuji.

Shibazakura generally starts blooming in late April, and the best viewing is early May depending on the weather condition. The Shibazakura in Hokkaido start blooming from mid May onwards and about 800,000 stalks of shibazakura are on display like pink, white and purple.

The festival is generally held in the spring from mid April through early June with the best time to see the thousands of flowers between first three weeks of May.


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