Tea and Japanese Dinner with Geisha

Tea and Japanese Dinner with Geisha

The geisha is an iconic symbol from Japan and widely recognizable by the world and tradition that goes back over 250-260 years, gradually vanishing, but there are still places in Japan where one can enjoy an real geisha experience in Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital where they are known as geiko.

Geisha are female entertainers who focus in the Japanese cultural ,arts, playing of traditional instruments, song, and dance. They are good in chat and hospitality , which creates misconception that geisha are a type of escort. On the contrary, geisha are highly respectable in Japanese society.

The usual duties of a geisha include entertaining their guests with games, conversation, performing song, dance, play an instrument and serving drinks to the patrons and these kinds of activities are usually reserved for private clientele mostly Japanese businessman.

However expats can enjoy the best of traditional geisha dinner experience, in a comfortable setting, even without knowing Japanese language.


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