Robot Restaurants

Robot Restaurants

Robot Restaurant, located in Tokyo's Shinjuku nightlife district. The cabaret-style shows include bikini dressed innovative dancers rides a robot .

Robot Restaurant is an ultra-flashy, hyper-tacky robot-themed cabaret show features with Japanese cultural motif, loud Music and Neon Lights. The Robot Restaurant is one of Tokyo’s most popular show that combines robots, dragons, ninjas, blue-haired dancers, drums, giant pandas, Princess Ariel on a giant lobster. The Robot Restaurant is more like a theater or show where you can order food in addition.

The first two shows are really loud and natural , and the crowd certainly enjoys, so based on cheers and facial expressions each show has a different theme, and the shows, costumes, and music change every month. The show is now relatively family-friendly and if you have kids then first two shows will be recommendable.

The shows are bright with a lot of blinking lights and colors, and really exciting to watch. The music is really loud, and children are generally provided with some noise-lessening headphones.

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